Jet Ski Fun Adventure

Take your adventure to the next level as you ride our powerful, stable, and comfortable jet skis along Los Cabos’ shoreline. Speed up your adrenaline on this fun and exciting, guided sightseeing ride, led by our experienced instructors.
Follow our expert guides through the Cabo San Lucas coast to observe some of the most beautiful and luxurious houses in the area and enjoy the breathtaking natural views and rich marine life, while riding our powerful tandem jet skis.
This is the only tour in Cabo with radio communication between all the participants and the guide, which comes handy when explaining all of the eye-catching attractions you will encounter on the way.
Go out there and live it!!!

  • best offer
  • $ PRICES
  • Two passenger jet ski $179 USD / Special price $160 USD. $25 USD deposit.
    Private $899 USD up to 6 double yet skis / Special price $799 USD. $170 USD deposit.

  • best offer
  • $ PRICES
  • Two passenger jet ski $179 USD

    Special price $160 USD. $25 USD deposit.

    Private $899 USD up to 6 double yet skis

    Special price $799 USD. $170 USD deposit.


Round trip Transportation + $7 usd per person
Refreshing drinks
Light snack
Purified water
Life jacket
Jet Ski

What to Wear and bring

Comfortable clothes
Light sweater (winter)
Biodegradable sunscreen
Extra cash for dock fees, photos, tips and souvenirs

Schedules and Time


9:00 AM Cabo time.
11:00 AM Cabo time.
3 PM Cabo time.

Activity Level

Enjoy Cabo sightseeing on the ultimate Jet Ski tour

Our Cabo San Lucas Jet Ski & Sightseeing tour is designed to give you the chance to enjoy the oceanic beauty of Los Cabos.
Revel in the scenery of Los Cabos’ coastal views and live unforgettable moments while cruising across Cabo’s Bay on a speedboat, cruise along the Arch and Lover´s Beach and admire the attractions at Land’s End.
Continue your exploration boarding a brand new jetski and follow our expert guides to admire the fascinating rock formations and observe some of the most beautiful and luxurious residences and resorts in the Touristic Corridor.

Cabo Jet Skiing: A fun day in Cabo San Lucas!!!

Known for its plentiful marine life, when jet skiing in Cabo San Lucas you might encounter some fauna on your way like tropical fish, turtles, dolphins and even Humpback whales in winter months! Take in the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortés and make memories to last a lifetime.

Safety is our #1 priority

Safety is our main priority, for this reason, a safety chase boat will follow you at all times. Discover why this tour is one of the safest in the area and the only guided jet ski tour with radio communication and experienced instructors in Cabo!


We have 6 jet skis ready for the adventure.

Physical Requirements/Restrictions:

1. Min. age: 10 years old
2. Max. Weight between 2 passengers: 250 Kg / 551 Lbs

3. For safety reasons, cameras, or GoPro are not permitted

4. Jet ski driver must be 18 or older, must present a valid driver’s license

5. Optional exemption of payment for damages: $35 USD fee per jet ski or leave open voucher

6. Guests with previous injuries or fractures are not permitted

7. Alcohol is forbidden before tour

8. Expecting mothers may not participate


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