Utv Off-Road Desert Tour

Off-Road Side by Side UTVs deluxe.5 different types of terrain Brook, Beach, Canyon, Mountain and the longest Wooden Hanging Suspension bridge of South America. Discover why Baja is one of the best off road terrains in de world. Includes round trip transportation and all the professional gear.

Come and venture among landscapes that only Baja California and Los Cabos can offer! Baja is known for its stunning paths snaking through the desert and challenging pilots as they explore the beauty of this rugged environment.

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  • Single $170 USD

    Double $245 USD for 2 people

    Have to be 16 years old to drive whit a valid driver license.

Our Off-Road tour is UTVs deluxe. To get you started, we’ll equip you with top brand protection gear such as goggles, and full-face helmet. Then we’ll give you the keys so that you can get a feeling for your two-passenger 800 cc 2016 UTV. Our professional guide will make sure you have an unforgettable tour by taking you on routes that are appropriate for your driving skills and preferences, always including desert, mountain dry river bed and beach on the sea of Cortez.

To ensure you have a great tour and to address any possible doubts you may have, we’ll take you on a test ride within our practice circuit, which includes all the challenges and obstacles you’ll find during your tour. This will help you become familiar with the vehicle and the terrain. Once your practice ride is concluded, and all your doubts addressed, you’ll start your tour comprised of 5 different areas within the 100 hectares covered by our park: Ocean view, Brook, Beach, Canyon and Mountain and as an option you can ride on the longest Wooden Hanging Suspension bridge of South America
By experiencing these 5 different types of terrain, you’ll get a good idea of what Baja off-road is all about.

Hands down the best off road tour in Cabo. Fun Fun Fun!!!

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  • best offer
  • $ PRICES
  • Single $170 USD

    Double $245 USD for 2 people

    Have to be 16 years old to drive whit a valid driver license.


Round trip Transportation

Highly qualified, bilingual guides.

Water bottle.

Training and Induction.

Use of professional equipment: full-face helmet, and goggles.

Walk on the longest Wooden Hanging Suspension bridge of south America

Access to the animal kingdom. Take your own pictures whit Tropical Birds, turtles, iguanas, Etc.

Free lockers ($5 US deposit, returning key at exit).

What to Wear and bring

Bring comfortable clothes and closed shoes preferably.

Bring hat or cap and sunglasses.

We strongly recommend use of biodegradable sunscreen.

Cash or credit card for park entrance fee, insurance food and drinks

Schedules and Time

Sun  Mon  Tue  Wed  Thu  Fri  Sat

9:00 AM Cabo time.

2:00 PM Cabo time.

3:00 PM Cabo time.

Tour duration:Approximately 2 hours plus transportation

Activity Level

Hotel Pickups

Hotel pick-up is offered for this tour. Note: if you are booking within 24 hours of the tour/activity departure time, we cannot guarantee hotel pick-up. Once your purchase is complete, we will send you complete contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) for our local operator to organize pick-up arrangements


Maximum of 20 guests available. If you have a larger group please contact us.

Physical Requirements/Restrictions:

1. Pilot must present a valid driver’s license

2. Minimum age for side-seat passengers: 10 years

3. Minimum weight: 90 lbs or 40 kg

4. Maximum weight: 240 lbs or 110 kg.

5. For their own safety, pregnant women and people with heart, back or neck problems, as well as those with vertigo or osteoporosis won’t be allowed to participate in this activity.


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